About Us

Our Short History

The AAC was established in November 2003 by two great minds whom thought it appropriate for their furry, four-legged, feathered or scaled family members to receive the optimal care and hospitality that they were used to receiving when staying with family or friends. The dedicated team members whom work within this facility are all equally fanatical about such care for their and your pets.

The Idea

Dr. Bankstahl always had a mind for animals. He would care for multitudes of all sized creatures while growing up in his home in Roseville. His parents were very patient with him as they saw a “Dr. Do-Little” in the making. His compassion and care for animals has continued and grown until he dreamed of a place where his animals could stay and enjoy themselves while he was away. He dreamt of waterfalls and indoor housing, lots of people-pet interaction and loving, and most of all a safe place where his pets would be looked after and owners could choose the amenities and daily routines that were appropriate for their pet.

The Plan

Once married, Dr. Bankstahl’s wife supported his dream, but didn’t realize her husband’s drive to make this a reality-and soon! As opportunity does, it presented itself, when Dr. and Mrs. B were going to rebuild their veterinary hospital in a new location. Dr. B saw that all his dreams could be realized at one location-he could deliver quality medicine to a great many species of pets and have an all inclusive facility for their care and exercise-what could be better?!

The Construction

After years of himself and his wife sharing their ideas of what this facility could be like, they developed the plans and broke ground within 18 months. After months and months of daily visits to the site, revision of plans, revamping of rooms, choosing of surfaces, and designing of all of the areas-both facilities were built. Training of the employees began in November 2003 and the Animal Activity Center was open to the public on December 14, 2003-and a dream was realized!