Frequently Asked Questions

What else should I bring to daycare or boarding, other than my companion?

You can bring food, blankets, toys, treats, the only thing we do not recommend bringing is food and water dishes, unless they are medically necessary. But we can supply all of the above if you wish to not bring anything.

What are the required vaccines my companion needs to be up-to-date with?

Dogs-we require Distemper, Bordetella, Rabies, fecal, Giardia.
Cats-we require Distemper rabies, Aids leukemia vaccination, Fecal & Giardia.
Birds-we require Beak & feather, as well as the chlamydia test.
Small-mammals we require Giardia & fecal tests.

Does my dog need a flea and tick preventative?

We recommend that you do have your pet on preventative but we do not require it. We do check all pets coming into our facility for fleas.

Are there specific drop off and pick up times?

You can drop off and pick up anytime during business hours. But if you are boarding and you pick up after 12pm you will be charged for another day of boarding.

If I booked a day and don’t show up?

We do not charge any cancellation fees or no show fees. We do just ask that you call us and let us know of your change of plans so we can open that suite up for other clients.

While my dog is boarding with you, will he/she be taken out for walks?

Yes, the Boarding charge includes to be taken outside to go potty 4 to 5 times a day.

Do you offer discounts if I bring in more than one companion?

If you have more then one animal staying in the same suite/cage the second animal does get a discounted rate for Boarding charges, except for Birds. For daycare there are multiple dog rates as well.

When purchasing day care packages, do i have to use all the days at once, or can I spread them out?

Daycare package days never expire they stay on your account until you use them up!

Can I tour and visit the facility prior to arrival?

Yes! You can come anytime during our business hours.

Can someone other myself drop off, or pick up my companion?

Yes we just ask that you leave a name with our receptionist so that we can make a note of it, as well as a credit card on file or pre-pay for your stay.